HoughCircleDetection 2.0

HoughCircleDetection is a great program able to detect circles in images
2.0 (See all)

This program is able to detect circles in images. Therefor it uses the hough algorithm CvHoughCircles from the OpenCV library. You can define all parameters e.g. min-/max radius, min distance between circles, all kinds of thresholds, filters and so on.

Main Features :
- Detect Circles in Captures of Firewire Cameras
- Detect Circles in Image files
- Fully parameterizable
- Resulting Image can be exported
- Setup can be saved and loaded
- Example images and profiles included
- Result table with coordinates and radii.
- Faster detection with Intel Integrated Performance Primitives
- No further installations required except .NET Framework 3.5
- Export the coordinates and the radii informations to csv

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